The British Are Leaving!

Usually we think of the famous line "The British Are Coming!".

The last time that was shouted, the founders of our country had declared independence from Britain.

Now Britain has had enough stifling bureaucratic tyranny.  Pretty ironic huh?

Here in America we're experiencing a similar irony of our own making.

Hey, all good things must come to an order to create even better things.

But the only way out is always through.  We can't pretend our challenges away, we must confront them.  And that's exactly what we're about to do.

We have learned that many people are simply not ready to do what it takes to forge the NEXT American Dream.

Many are clinging to the idea that their careers, their family life, and their children's futures are just a few software upgrades away. 

We're quadrupling down on our commitment to forging the NEXT American Dream.  That's what we're about, that's what our unschool is about.

We're going to close down this list shortly and forge on with the support of those who are truly committed.  If you want to continue to hear from us then you must take the NEXT American Dream Challenge and Declare Interdependence.

This is just our way of making sure that we’re all on the same page.

If you missed our original announcement you can read it below.

If you already declared interdependence, thank you, I think you'll enjoy our refined focus.

And if you have not yet taken the challenge and declared interdependence…what are you waiting for?

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

We all know that America has changed.


The unifying theme of most news headlines is simply this...

We are changing from one era to another.

Some don’t want the old era to end.

Some are sprinting forward.

And many are victims of the creative destruction.

What I see is that we are all coming to grips with;

  • Which parts of the last American Dream no longer hold true?
  • What should the next American Dream to be?
  • And what does the next “success” path look like?

To realize the future we want, we must get REALLY clear about which levers can ACTUALLY produce the freedom and prosperity we seek.

To help we created the (FREE) Next American Dream Challenge which you can find right here.

Join us by taking the challenge and declaring interdependence!