The Political Class Is Not Welcome Here...

Are you as tired as I am of the same pretend leaders pretending that they're not pretending to lead?

You know, the political class has been shaping our country's economy, politics, and culture for several decades now.  And not just in D.C. and from corporate board rooms, but in your county, your town council, your school board, and probably even in that organization you lost respect for.

The political class is invested in two things - increasing their power and decreasing yours - their business is dependency, and they want your child.

They tweaked the game in their favor and in so doing, created a club of sorts.  Those who belong to the 'club' don't get what I'm talking about because the death of the American Dream is irrelevant to them.

We have no room in the Vaikido community for people that short sighted, selfish, or fragile.

The future of our country and the next generation of adult leaders is inextricable.

There is ONE and only ONE solution to the anxiety that ails our society; RAISE AND SUPPORT the next generation to build the next era of prosperity, and accept that while there are some immutable principles, there is no single method.

If this pisses you off, you won't like our New Economy Course either cuz it's full of facts that will piss you off.

With Love,