The Titanic

We were watching a documentary on the Titanic and learned that even after the lifeboats had been launched, those on board still believed that they were safer on the Titanic.  The thought of getting on a lifeboat in the freezing North Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night was too radical of a change in their worldview to accept.  So they chose instead to believe that the obviously sinking Titanic was unsinkable.

One of the contributing factors to the passenger’s demise was the fact that the telegraph operator was so busy sending personal messages to shore that they literally told a concerned nearby ship not to disturb them.

If you attempt to offer new solutions to existing organizations, you will be mostly met with a similar reaction.  “Leave us alone, we are busy fixing the ship, which by the way is unsinkable”.

The unsinkable American Dream is in fact sinking.  And predictably, it’s the ones who can’t accept a radical change to their worldview that are doing the most to interfere with attempts to redefine it.

You know how things worked out for the Titanic’s passengers – what are you going to do to create your own prosperity when the American Dream is sunk?


The Vaikido Hero Unschool

Unschool – to unhabituate from behaviors, beliefs, and paradigms that prevent prosperity in the connection economy.


Heroic Contribution – An approach to career and business building that builds and attracts a loyal following.