The Ultimate Family Emotion

Yesterday afternoon we cut wood in the Deschutes National Forest.  

I get a rush out of that sort of work, Shell does too.  We both have fond memories of being a part of essential survival routines.  For Shell it's haying, gardening, feeding the cows, food storage, other farming activities.  For me it's commercial fishing, hunting, home building, and at least 10 other things.

It's this wonderful combination of interdependence, nature, challenge, importance, and nostalgia...probably a lot more than that.

Our youngest daughter Summer, said "yuck" at the smell of the chainsaw memory said, "ahhh, that's the smell of a fire on the first cold day of fall, a really good meal, and time enjoying the warmth together."

Summer doesn't get it just yet, but she's starting to connect the dots.

This is perhaps the most important lesson we parents have to teach, and in overly comfortable lives it's become the most neglected.

Where can you ingrain strong memories of mutual essentialism in your family?

I can't remember what a simple predicate is, but there are much more important things that I will never forget.