This is what TEAM work looks like

Good morning

Have you noticed that the biggest failing of the Industrial Economy is what it did to team work.

We SUCK at it.

Sure, we talk about it all the time, but that’s because we SUCK at it.

Did I mention that we SUCK at team work?

At school we tell students NOT to collaborate.

At work we put employees in silo’s that inhibit interdepartmental collaboration.

And don’t even get me started about government and politics!

Here’s the deal in the NEW ECONOMY

  1. No one will succeed alone
  2. Anything that can be siloed probably means that it’s been dumbed down, it’s a commodity that any monkey can do, and it’s in line to be automated
  3. The most satisfying and impactful work requires a REAL TEAM

Here is an example of one of the infinite ways that people, talent, passionate creativity, and disciplined practice can be organized to create a powerful fan base, a differentiated viral story, tons of fun, and serious prosperity.

Watch this video, then go here to sign your children up to learn how to be insanely better team players than any other kid on your block.