This One Thing Can Save you $88,600

Hey all,

About a month and a half ago we announced the opening of the Heroic Family Unschooling Experience and made a very generous deal with a select group of pioneering families.

Enrollment was $95 for the first family member and then $10 per additional family member after that.  Then the monthly dues were set at $50 per month for the first family member plus $10 for each additional member.

We promised that the price was going to go up and it is.  But it’s still the best education value on the planet.

Lots of ‘schooling at home’ families think that taking responsibility for their children’s education is vital, and they’re absolutely RIGHT.

BUT, my extensive observation is that most approaches are not doing nearly enough to prepare children for the NEW ECONOMY.


HOWEVER, the Heroic Family Unschooling Experience fills this gap for you.  We provide the right amount of structure, the right content, and the community support to ensure that your children will have the NEW ECONOMY equivalent of a Harvard Degree.

And it costs way less than Harvard’s $88,600 annual cost (up $3,600 over last year for those of you keeping score at home).

You can apply to enter the class of April 2016 for a TOTAL FAMILY enrollment fee of only $250.  And take advantage of dues at only $75 per month for the first family member plus $15/ mo. for each additional participant.

Like the Founding Family Deal, this deal is not likely to last long, so apply for your family’s spot today.

Go here to access the application to take the ‘campus tour, read the brochure, and attend the parent information session’.  

This entire process will take you less than 30 minutes while launching your children ahead 87,600 hours.

Don’t procrastinate!

These are your children we’re talking about.

Toby LaVigne