Throwing the Baby out with the bathwater?

As the anxiety levels continue to increase I see more and more offers related to self-reliance and self defense.

What would you do if you or your loved ones were attacked?

Do you have a plan B if our banking system implodes?

Can you grow your own food if we have a shortage or inflation goes crazy?

In a world where most people live in urban areas and don’t have enough savings worth worrying about a plan B, many of these offers seem so undoable that they’re often ignored.

But you don’t need to have a million dollar portfolio or a hundred acre farm to take your life into your own hands.

Just because many solutions don’t seem doable doesn’t mean that we can ignore the problem.

Forging our own prosperity is something that everyone can and increasingly must take responsibility for.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool

Unschool – to unhabituate from behaviors, beliefs, and paradigms that prevent prosperity in the connection economy.

Heroic Contribution – An approach to career and business building that builds and attracts a loyal following.