A Sharknado Is Coming!

The news is like the weather.  It’s actually a record of symptoms of greater underlying natural movements.  The weather may vary, but the overall pattern does not.

As I write this post it happens to be late winter, the spring equinox is only 3 weeks away, and we have baby lambs galore in the nearby field.

It’s getting warmer, but we could easily have one more snow.

We continually talk about how ‘untypical’ the weather (and the news) is, but that’s ridiculous. 

This IS how the weather is this time of year.  Anyone who lives in the north and isn’t prepared to protect themselves from the rain, to drive in the snow, and scrape ice off their windshield in the winter is a glutton for punishment.

The EXACT same thing is true of the unraveling season.  Every day the news brings us some new shocking development, but if you step back, you can see that its a seasonal pattern, not erratic weather. 

The problem comes when we become numb to the sharknado hype and miss the bigger trend.

There is a LOT more going on here than meets the day to day eye, and it has huge implications for our children and our families.  When the season changes from unraveling to crisis, only those who saw it coming and prepared will thrive.

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