Unschooling Part 4: Prosperity

Prosperity is a word that we don’t hear that often, and when we do it’s rare that it is properly understood.  Prosperity is not wealth and it’s not some “woo woo” idea.

Prosperity is the capacity to produce a surplus.  It is a CAPACITY.

It’s not net worth, it’s not how much money or stuff you have; it’s a CAPACITY - like a muscle or a skill.

We have been taught to think that money is the ultimate goal, but it’s not.  Money IS important.  Until we create other ways to acquire the things we need to survive and live; money will remain the equivalent of food, clothing and shelter.  

But having money and having the capacity to produce money (and all the other things we want more of) are two very different things.  A job will produce a paycheck (money)…until someone, not you, decides that it doesn’t. 

And then what?  Where’s the capacity to produce more?  Another job?  What if you can’t find one?  What if the next one is for less money?  What happens when that one goes away too?  What if you have to move for another job or have a longer commute?  What will happen to your time, your health, your relationships?  Will selling your house and moving cost you even more money?

In order to have command of our own lives, in order to prosper on every level, we simply must develop our own capacities to produce a surplus.  We can’t rely on the ‘system’ or other people or ‘jobs’ to have our backs.  Because if we do, we don’t have a capacity we have dependence. 

And with dependence go freedom and every other aspect of life quality that we care about.