How to become Super Hero

We had a small snowstorm this winter.  Snow, rain, then 16 degrees turned parking lots into bumpy skating rinks where people shuffled carefully from car to curb hoping not to do an unintentional triple salchow.

Leaving the grocery store I noticed an older woman doing the ice shuffle. It appeared that her plan was to open the door of her car and then take a few trips to get her groceries from her cart on the sidewalk.  

Based upon her first shuffle I didn’t like her odds, so I suggested that she stay put and that I’d bring the bags to her.  No big deal really.

She appreciated it, but her reaction was far more extreme surprise than gratitude.  I got the feeling that she'd have been less surprised if I had just landed with a red cape.

To me this kind of thing is normal, but her reaction reminded me that my normal is rare.

The bad news and the good news are the same.

The bar for superhero has been lowered and it’s a really good time to get into the superhero business.

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