Unschoolers That Don't Practice This Fail As Adults

Accomplishing something significant and meaningful is perhaps one of life's pinnacle experiences.

I'm not referring to world fame, an empire, or riches; those are just relative byproducts.  The real juice is in the journey, the struggle, and the eventual triumph, not over others, but over our own resistance.

The #1 issue in society, the root cause of widespread dissatisfaction, is a lack of meaningful accomplishment.  Part of the issue is that we live in a sound bite media culture and rarely see the behind the scenes struggles that precede great accomplishments.

By the time we hear of someone in the mainstream media it seems as though they appear almost magically overnight.  This phenomenon plus an addiction to instant gratification, causes people to quit as soon as they start, if they dare start at all.

The trick is to tackle big challenges in pieces in order to develop an addiction to finishing what you start.  

One of the most important things you can teach your children (and yourself) is to define small manageable projects, perhaps no more than a month in length so that they can develop the habit of committing and completing.

Over time they will pick up skills and learnings that will become assets for each future project. And over time each mini project will be like a brick that builds a larger wall of accomplishment.

Do yourself and your children a favor and define a new project each month.  By the time an 8 year old turns 18 they will have practiced an extremely important skill 120 times more than the average adult who can't stick with a diet for 3 days.

The path to THE most satisfying human experience is one project at a time.

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