The Must Know German Unschooling Phrase

Weniger Aber Besser

A German Principle that means “Less But Better”.


Were you paying attention in Economics 101? :)

I’ll admit that economic lectures are usually a sleeping pill, but this concept got my attention.

“You mean, do less, and get better results?”

That sounded like a concept I should pay attention to…as in;

...Less studying, better grades.

...More time at home with my family, greater income.

...Less rote teaching, and more fun learning.

The great John Holt was once asked by a prospective unschooling parent, “How am I going to teach my child six hours a day?”

His response”

“Who’s teaching him six hours a day right now?”

My thoughts exactly John!

Never mind all the bell ringing, “settle down class”, school bus logistics, class room changes…those alone whittle a day in half or more.

Let’s talk about what real teaching / learning moments are made of.

How about a present, concerned, thoughtful adult participating with a student in a daily 15 minute discussion about something the student finds interesting, puzzling, or important?

As John commented, “Over the whole of my schooling, the average time a teacher spent with me was probably closer to fifteen minutes a week. For most children in most schools, it is much less than that.”  

[And John was the kind of good student that teachers wanted to talk to!]

Many successful people, including yours truly, can recall a small handful of powerful mentorship moments that replaced entire courses and semesters.  The right conversation at the right time can make ALL the difference.

The truth is that we don’t need to spend 8-12 hours grinding to learn.  In fact, that's scientifically proven to NOT work.

What we need to look for are the vital few things parents and children must get right.

Make certain that those vital things happen; get rid of the obstacles, make the time, do the work…then get out of the way and let learning and progress happen.

The Heroic Unschooling Experience provides a monthly dose of Weniger Aber Besser for your entire family.

You can’t do this with your family and NOT have frequent and powerful 15 minute moments of incredible learning and bonding.

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Toby LaVigne

Chief Pathfinder

The Vaikido Hero Unschool