Whales Don't Unschool

Whales Don’t Unschool


The ultimate unschooling solution is here.

Many unschooling parents struggle with how much structure they should provide and how much they should just let their children find what interests them.

Many parents have shared that they’re unsure of themselves as teachers.

And many parents have expressed their concerns for the future; will my unschooled child be eligible for college?  Will they be ready for the workforce?  Will their non involvement in a traditional school stunt their social abilities somehow?  Etc.

After speaking with countless unschooling parents we have developed the ULTIMATE unschooling solution.

Here’s what we see.

Unschooling is NOT enough.  

YES, it’s better than traditional school because a child stands a far greater chance of figuring out who they are without ridiculous pressure to conform to ‘norms’.

Unschooling is better than traditional education primarily because of the harm that it DOSEN’T do, but not because it provides ALL that children need to succeed in the ‘real world’.

In order to succeed as an adult, in order to transcend the depressing statistics, children need to learn how to package themselves as valuable contributions to others.

Remember, the jobs that our education system was designed to prepare students for are disappearing rapidly.  Being dependent upon employers to ‘pick’ our children, and to ‘provide’ for them is a terrible strategy.

Humpback Whale Mother Helping Calf.jpg

It’s actually worse than a terrible strategy, it’s mean.  It’s setting our children up to fail.

Heroic Unschooling parents get this and are committed to making sure that they give their children the greatest advantages they can.

Unschooling is a great start, but Heroic Unschooling is what our children really need.

Keep in mind, mammalian parents, like whales for instance, explicitly teach their offspring specific and vital survival skills.

Heroic Unschooling addresses those skills that are vital to adult survival and prosperity.  These skills were explicitly taught to children prior to adulthood until certain historical factors caused us to forget them.

The problems we see in the news are the result of adults who are sorely missing these certain vital skills.

If we want our children to transcend these statistics we need to supplement their self directed learning with explicit survival and success skills.

That’s what the Vaikido Heroic Family Unschooling Experience is all about.

Through February 29th we are offering a limited number of Founding Memberships for families that want to give their children the real deal.

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