What if Money Was No Object?

October 12

What if money was no object?

If you haven’t seen this profound, very short video, by Alan Watts then you should.

And if you have, I’m betting that you’ll enjoy it again.

Design your life and assist your children if you have them to design their lives around answering this question.

Whatever it is that you, or they, care about will be valuable to many others – plenty of them to ‘earn a living’.

All that is needed is a genuine dedication to serving others based upon this ONE thing.  It’s not about sitting on a beach after winning the lottery – it’s about dedicating your life to service on your terms.

This isn’t a pipe dream, this kind of life and career building is not only more gratifying, it’s more profitable (in every sense) AND it’s becoming a requirement.

Alan Watts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSyHWMdH9gk