A Banquet of Consequences...

Sooner or later, parents have to take responsibility for handing their children over to a system designed to make them obedient cogs in a world that no longer rewards obedience or cogs.

Yes, this means that we the parents are completely responsible for the preparation of our children.  Not the school system, not the government, but US.

Our parents and grandparents can be forgiven for trusting a system that 'worked' for them, but we know better.

We can see that the old approach is failing and it's failing fast.

You may not like this new responsibility.  It may spoil the plans that you had.  And it may be really inconvenient.

But none of these facts will alter the future for your children.

If you are too busy to make sure that your children get the preparation you wished you got plus the added preparation they now require...then why did you have children in the first place?

"It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults" - Frederick Douglass

I created a free course about the New Economy to help parents and young adults see the world as it is, so that they can create the futures they intend, so they don't have to spend decades repairing themselves later.

Sometime next week I am going to make our Vaikido Principles course available as a stand alone course.  In the mean time, watch the New Economy for Heroes Course HERE.

The truth will set you free...even if it does piss you off first.

With Love,


PS. If you have a teen or older, have them check it out too!  Get the Course HERE