What you’re missing…

Mom’s and Dad’s of the hero generation,

50 days ago I announced the launch of the Heroic Family Unschooling Experience.

A batch of brave families took the leap and got a screaming deal.

Since that time they’ve watched our training videos, read the materials and gotten started on an incredible adventure.

Prior to this month they received a FedEx package with their April training materials including;


  1. Our monthly newsletter
  2. The April Vaikido training module
  3. The Vaikido Monthly Project Challenge
  4. Plus two special exercises
  • Family Movie Night
  • Family Meal Night

Plus video coaching for each of these modules.  As well as a special Vaikiddos training video co-hosted by our daughters, Soleil and Summer, who help make the training fun.

After only 30 days we’re getting incredible feedback.  This experience is getting families on the same page, it’s getting spouses on the same page, it’s helping parents better understand their children, it has their children doing and saying and realizing things that are amazing their own parents…and best of all, they’re having fun doing it!

When we launched we said that the founding family rates would not last, and they haven’t.  However, the value of this program is still ridiculously high.

Your children may still decide to go to college after this program, but we’re predicting that they won’t need to go to college.

Yes, it’s THAT powerful.

Go here to learn more and apply before midnight Friday the 15th.

Oh, and if you don’t have children at home, then tell a friend or family member who does.

Remember, they don’t have to be schooling at home for this to transform their children.