When Push Comes to Pull

The 'go to' strategy of the last century has been brute force ‘push’.

Yeah, we’re powerful, at least when we’ve got technology, authority, lawyers, guns and money on our side.

But we’re not very persuasive.  

Just ask 80% of the workforce that doesn’t enjoy their jobs.

Just ask anyone who's ever been marketed and sold too.

Just ask practically every student in school.

Push takes quite a bit more force than pull.

This isn’t just some esoteric observation, it’s a proven physical fact.

When we push there is a component of our effort that adds to the weight of the body and hence friction increases (resistance).

Yet when we pull, our effort actually lightens the body and hence there is much less overall friction (resistance).

In fact, in terms of people, PULL can actually cause the ‘bodies' we pull to come to our side and compound our efforts.

So push begets more push and pull begets more pull.

Something to think about when designing a career, a business or a life.

Which reminds me, do you feel pulled to experience the Next American Dream?

Perhaps The NEXT American Dream Challenge is for you?