Don't Let This Happen

Don't let this become your child's adult reality

Don't let this become your child's adult reality

Gallop, that research organization that publishes lots of interesting survey results just announced that…wait for it, this is going to be a shocker.

Employee engagement isn’t getting better despite 30 years of measurement and effort.

Here’s what’s sad.

  1. We needed a poll to tell us this?
  2. We’re surprised?

But there’s more.  Here is a direct quote from an article about the report.

 “How could this possibly be?” is a question many people will be asking, particularly if their organization’s deployed significant resources to rally back their troops.

“Deployed significant resources to rally back their troops?!”

Are you freaking kidding me?!

“Awwww what’s the matter little employees? Do you need some more resources?  Here I’ll deploy some on you.  Now do you feel better?”

Have we gone completely insane?



This nonsense doesn’t even work with actual troops.

This reads like a Dilbert cartoon about an executive staff meeting to deal with employee disengagement.

CEO: “We need engagement ideas people!”

Executive Minion: “Oh, I know, lets try that thing the military does.  Let’s deploy more resources.  You know carpet bomb the s%^t out of em.  That oughta rally the troops!”

CEO: “Great idea Peabody, call HR and deploy some resources to rally our troops.  I want to see those engagement numbers up by the end of the quarter!  Now excuse me, I have to go negotiate my stock options for next quarter, layoff some more staff, and then give a speech about how we give back to the community.”

The comments in the article were just as discouraging.  I lost count of the number of times I saw phrases like, ‘better management’.

I don’t know anyone who wants to be managed.

Management is NOT leadership, and only leadership will move the engagement needle.

For young adults looking to start their careers, think carefully about what you really want your life to be like.  We know the ‘system’ produces low engagement, we know it’s not getting better, and we know that the people responsible are clueless.  Subject yourself to this insanity at your own peril.

Managers, business owners – low engagement is an incredible profit, growth opportunity in disguise.  Are you ready to transcend management and focus on you and your leadership?

Parents: Your children don't have to grow up to work in this insanity if you start preparing them for a new career future that transcends cubicles and disengagement.

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