Why We're Saying Goodbye To Knowledge Workers


Heroic Unschooling is built upon the 4 part Vaikido Framework.

If you’ve been following the Heroic Unschooling Journal then you know there are four important life skills our children must begin learning immediately, if not sooner.

And you know that we call the process of learning these four skills, Heroic Unschooling.

Today I’m going to share the second element of the framework: LEARNING.

We’ve been conditioned to think of learning as reading or hearing about something or temporary memorization for a test. This isn't learning, it's understanding, and understanding is the booby prize.

Learning is KNOWING.

Learning is when it gets into our being and becomes an automatic part of us.

Learning is proven when our behavior changes.

Most everyone understands how to fly a plane.  They have seen it on tv or they have been on a flight.  But only pilots KNOW how to fly a plane.

In order to be successful and happy, especially in an age where the rate of change is so incredibly fast, we must LEARN TO LEARN.

Forbes Magazine Article: "Say Goodbye To Knowledge Workers, And Welcome To Learning Workers.

We must learn our personal strengths and weaknesses  We must learn to challenge ourselves and to grow.

This too may sound simple, but its not trivial.

Once most people get to a certain level of proficiency, they get comfortable and they stop growing.  Perhaps this worked for our grandparents when the pace was slower, but it does not work in the 21st century. 

Our children must learn how they learn.

They need to get really good at dealing with constant change and growth.

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