Will Millennials Become the Next Greatest Generation?

For the the past 240 years the United States has gone through three major crises that lead to massive reinvention.

The first was the Revolutionary War, the second was the Civil War, and the third was World War II.  Each turning was preceded by an unraveling.

Unraveling’s are ugly times of fear, anxiety and selfishness.  During an unraveling it becomes increasingly clear that the last era is losing its steam; tensions rise, and changes, which were long postponed, threaten to ‘solve themselves’.

We are experiencing the fourth unraveling in American history and a crisis or series of crises will inevitably force our society to deal with many unsustainable choices.

But who is ‘society’?  Which generations will bear the brunt of the crisis?  Who will lead the next reinvention?

You many not have noticed it, but each of these crises was about 80 years apart or four generations.  Our worldviews are a product of the times in which we came of age.  Being born in 1925, 1945, 1965, 1985 or 2005 produces some pretty distinct worldviews.

The last greatest generation was born around 1925 and fought in WWII.  Their ‘reality’ was that the world had always been suffering from a depression and the threat of a world dictator.  They had no choice really but to work together, to sacrifice, and to fight for a better world.

The generation born after 1985 has known at least 3 very significant economic collapses, almost non-stop war, layoffs, the shrinking of the middle class and an expanding wealth divide.

The Millennials and X generation before them have many decades remaining before they (don’t) retire at age 65 like their parents and grandparents. 

Millennials have no attachment to the last ‘party’ because it was over by the time they showed up.  And many in the X generation resent the ‘party’ because they got only a short taste only to discover that the guests before them ate all the good food and left them with the bill and the mess.

Millennials and the X generation have an opportunity to be the architects and heroes of a new era of prosperity.  We can redefine success AND the means of achieving it.

It’s a daunting task, but also an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on history.

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