Will This Be On The Test?

Happy Friday!


Do you remember asking this question?

What many don't realize is that 18 years of worrying about what will be 'on the test' silently became an important part of their life's trajectory.


Not knowing for sure what will be on the test teaches students that EVERYTHING is important.

Except of course that EVERYTHING isn't important.  

During those 18 years, most people learn that it's not their job to decide what's important - that's someone else's job; the teacher, the boss, the authority figure.

When we decide to accept what others say is important, we surrender our time and attention to someone else's mission.

And by default, give up on our own.

I'm betting that you would like to take back more control of your time, not to mention improve the quality of it.


Before your child learns to let someone else set their life's agenda, let's train them to set their own.

School of course doesn't do this, so we have to take matters into our own hands - but how?  

I'm glad you asked - Heroic Unschooling of course.  Today is the application deadline for the most powerful life preparation program in existence.

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I know that a couple of you are 'hovering' on this decision.  Make today the day...take the leap and give your children the advantage you wish that you had.

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